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Hi, my name is Glenda, I am a registered nurse and an online digital business owner here in Toronto, Canada. I am originally from Pangasinan, Philippines . I worked in the Middleast for more than 15 years before my husband and I decided to live and work in Canada in 2011 in search for a better future for our family especially for our daughter. My life as a nurse can get so busy most of the time that balance between work and family can be a challenge. It is a physically demanding job in a fast paced environment. Before the pandemic started, I have injured myself at work due to the physical demands of my profession. While on a modified work for more than a year ,it made me worry about my health which has affected both my work and how I look after my family and spend quality time with them. It also made me worry about job security commensurate with financial security in case my injury does not resolve. This prompted me to explore the social media platforms for an alternative job that is physically less demanding, preferably one that I can learn and do online considering I am not tech savvy , one that is legit, one that will not take much of my time away from my family and a job that I can fall back on when things don't get back to normal. Then one day, I was so glad that I clicked on a video of a beautiful couple in Youtube who introduced me to this amazing online business opportunity by registering to a free webinar. I did my due diligence and looked inside the business . I was just amazed about everything about it. I love the fact that this business has an automated system in place , it is legit, no physical demands involved, has the flexibility I need, it is global, no chasing and bugging anyone, provides me with a step by step training that is easy to follow , and a great mentor and a coach. I only need an internet, a laptop, my cellphone and desire to succeed. Most of all I get to know and join a very supportive community of digital business owners who consider your success as their own success. I am few months into this business and the results are awesome. For me, this is an answered prayer and I am so grateful. I took a leap of faith and I must say that this is the best decision I will never regret.

Glenda Garcia

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